Face and Neck Serum


Apply to your clean and dry face and neck.


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This oil feed the cells of your skin and protects the skin from environmental toxins. It is a natural hydrator.  This means that it not only moisturizes your skin but it actually holds on to water and locks the water into you skin.  This plumps the skin which helps to defend against toxins. All of the ingredients have been shown to benefit the cells of the skin.  A happy side effect of this is the diminishing of fine lines and wrinkles.  It will also help to fade age spots.  Read the information on the individual ingredients and you will find research has determined some of them to be able to keep cancer cells from reproducing, migrating, and causes them to die.  I am not saying this product was formulated to cure cancer, but isn't it nice to have a product with ingredients that have these characteristics!

There are no ingredients added to emulsify the oils.  They will separate.  Just tip your bottle over a couple of times when you use it and all the oils will mix nicely.


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