Rose hip oil is high in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.  Because of that the skin’s natural barrier becomes healthier.  It slows the release of water from the skin.


This oil increases collagen production. The protein in our skin is 70% collagen.  It gives the skin structure.  When we start losing collagen our skin becomes less elastic and fine lines and wrinkles begin developing.

Full of vitamins A, C and Antioxidants which protects the skin from free radical damage.  It is also very healing.


Applying rose hip oil directly to fresh scars helps improve the outcome significantly.

Cell proliferation

The skin is fresh and healthy looking because new skins cells are being produced because of the carotenoids in rose hip oil. Increase in new cell production prevents blackheads, reduces inflammation and discourages pore clogging.

Atopic dermitiis

Research has found Rose hip oil beneficial for use with atopic dermatitis.


Scavenging properties contribute to anti-tumor activities.  It also has anti-proliferation properties and anti-migration properties that inhibit cancer cells from thriving.

Protection from Age Spots

The rose hip grows just under the blossom.  After the petals have withered and fallen off the hip continues to grow protecting the seeds it contains. The oil is made by cold pressing the seeds.  Not all roses are the same.  Good quality rose hip oil comes from four rose varieties grown in South America.  It takes 60.000 blooms to produce one ounce of rose hip oil.


Rose Hip Oil is considered to be safe.  Discontinue use if you have a reaction like redness, itching, stinging or other signs of irritation.


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