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Have you noticed when a new doctor moves into the neighborhood new patients are welcomed even advertized for, but as the months go on it gets harder and harder to get an appointment.  Soon no new patients are accepted.  This doctor no longer has room for new patients because all the time is taken up treating the side effects of earlier treatments.

Modern medicine has isolated constituents from plants to treat many conditions.  In the process they discard constituents that are synergistic or are protective to the body.  Now there are many side effects from the new medication.  “Progress” has made it possible to begin with chemical formulas, skipping the plants entirely.

I have been a side effect reader for decades.  Side effects are really the effects of the meds.  I am horrified by the willingness of people to endure serious side effects from medications to address minor symptoms.  Do you know the side effects of the meds you take?

Hippocrates said, “Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.  Remember we take medicine in the milligram and microgram doses.  We eat food by the pound.  With correct dietary choices we can avoid many, many illnesses.

There are other things beside diet that are helpful.  If you learn how your body works and how to provide what it needs you are well on your way to a healthy lifestyle.

Why to avoid sugar when you’re sick

Our lymph nodes filter blood.  When viruses or bacteria pass through the nodes they are recognized as foreign.  The lymph nodes start producing immune cells specific to the virus or bacteria.  As they ramp up production the lymph nodes swell.  This is why a doctor will examine the lymph nodes to see if the body is mounting a defense.

These immune cells track down the offending cells.  They eat the virus or bacteria and destroy them.  (Please see the video by Curtis Sleve to the right.  It is amazing.)  Now when sugar enters the blood stream these powerful immune cells go to sleep.  They are ineffective for four hours.

So if you have pancakes with syrup for breakfast, a soda pop for lunch, then dessert with dinner, or if you snack on fruit which is high in sugar, the only time these immune cells are active is during the second half of night while you sleep.  So if you want to speed healing avoid sugar or sugary foods while you are sick.

The reason it is rare to to get the same illness twice is because the immune cells designed specifically for that illness are now floating around in the blood stream.  They destroy those virus or bacteria before they have time to replicate enough to make you sick.

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