Our body is an incredible complex being of intertwining systems.  Scientists have studied the single cell for a lifetime and when introduced to a newer and stronger microscope realize they have investigated only a small fraction of the workings of this tiny piece of matter.  Companies have spent millions over decades to develop the next miracle drug only to find unexpected side effects when put into circulation.  Yet, within the body is a control mechanism that keeps it working efficiently through a lifetime.

Inside each of us this hidden power is what makes the human being a living, breathing, reasoning being instead of a mass of chemical reactions. It has many names.  Some call it the sub-conscious, other refer to it as the spirit, panna, qi, or vital force.  By whatever name you choose to use, this is that part of your body that fine tunes every system, making it run in the most efficient manner possible with the materials provided.  It is highly intelligent and it is very powerful.   It is also very obedient.

The Vital Force is the part that knows what is necessary for health and supplies the body’s needs from the most important to the least important for survival.  For example the brain or the gastrointestinal system are much more important for survival than the skin.  That is why often the first sign that your body is in need of additional building materials is a rash. All symptoms and chronic disease are a result of the Vital Force providing for the immediate needs of the most important systems from the materials available.   When you do not provide the body with the building blocks necessary for optimal health the Vital Force will keep it going for as long as possible but some of the systems will be compromised.  When systems become compromised symptoms appear.  At this time it is very important to not suppress the symptom.  Instead the materials needed for optimal health need to be provided and the symptoms will disappear.

An example of how the vital force works could be like this.  As a baby is introduced to new foods, it is fed one that its digestive system isn’t quite ready for and a sensitivity develops.  There is an imbalance so the vital force has to change the functioning of the body.  The best solution for this problem will produce a rash.  Now there are two ways to deal with this rash.  One way is to eliminate the food causing the sensitivity until this baby’s digestive system has matured.  The other way is to get some cortisone cream to put on the rash.  This cream will make the rash go away, but the sensitivity is still affecting the baby, the real problem hasn’t been addressed.

When the rash is suppressed with a cortisone cream, the vital force must find the next most efficient way to function.  It may be manifest as something like asthma.  The same choices of treatment are available, eliminate the cause or suppress the symptoms.  One of the most effective ways to diagnose and eliminate the cause of asthma is to do food sensitivity testing and remove the offensive foods.  Another way to treat asthma is to use steroid inhalers, nebulizers and other meds.  These medications just suppress the symptoms of dis-ease.   After several years of asthma suppression often the next set of symptoms are from the gastro-intestinal system.

The incidence of asthma in our children has skyrocket and IBS and similar gastrointestinal diseases are running rampant in our society.

Understand that these symptoms are not bad.  They are a manifestation that something is interfering with the smooth functioning of the body systems.  Respond by providing missing nutrients or eliminating harmful substances and the symptoms will go away; the body will be healthy and strong.  Respond by taking medications that make the symptoms go away without addressing the cause those particular symptoms will disappear, but the body will not be as strong as it was.  Most likely there will be a new set of symptoms that are more serious than the original set.

This pattern of symptoms and suppression is very common today.  If we would take the time to find the original culprit and deal with the cause, many of the chronic illnesses in our society would be much less common.  We have become so arrogant in our habits that although we have been told for years that our habits are unhealthy we continue that lifestyle.  The attitude of most is that we like the food we eat and we don’t want to give it up.  We like our lifestyle and won’t slow it down.  We are much too busy and too important to take time out on a regular basis to exercise.  And who has the time to be still and feed the Vital Force?  This is an attitude that will exact payment in time and the installments won’t be cheap or pleasant.

People that are on more than three medications will most likely be on medications that address problems that were caused by one or more of the medications they are already taking.

The American society wants a quick fix with no altering of our lifestyle to resolve illness.  Because of this we are a society whose general wellbeing, especially in the later years is declining.  We are able to keep people alive for a long time but at a diminished capacity of functioning and enjoyment.  The common cold lasts much longer than it used to.  Toxins are prevented from exiting the body so they build up at alarming rates.  The body is set up to express symptoms of chronic disease.

While in medical school, my pharmacology professor disliked me intensely.  He would tell us that when a patient presented with certain symptoms we should order specific tests.  If the results came back positive we should prescribe the specific drugs.  Yes, there are usually multiple drugs.  Every time I would raise my hand and ask what the side effects were and how the patient’s standard of living would be changed.  He usually gave me unsatisfactory answers until he finally shouted at me that it didn’t matter because the patient was alive.  Well I do believe it matters.  I think each patient should have an informed choice.  Some people do not want to make any lifestyle changes and they want to live every possible moment even if their lifestyle is severely damaged.  Others want to live as long as possible if they are in possession of their mental faculties and are able to be productive.  I happen to be in the latter group.  I happen to believe that the quality of life is much more important than the quantity of life.

I attended a school that was not subsidized by Big Pharma.  I can only imagine how much worse it could be in schools that do accept those subsidies.

If the response to symptoms is to provide what is missing, for example eating a balanced healthy diet that will provide the necessary building blocks, you become healthy again.  If you respond to the symptoms by covering them up with a drug or by removing an organ that doesn’t seem to be functioning properly the Vital Force will find the next most efficient way to deal with the shortage.  Most of the time this means symptoms develop that are even more uncomfortable and chronic diseases that are much more serious.

The good news is, most people can turn around their health and become vibrant, active and in great health.  Learn the principles of good health then apply them consistently and many health issues are resolved.  The vital force has a powerful ability to heal.  Just look at what happens when a surgeon enters the body to make corrections or changes.  No matter how good they are, they would never be successful if the body was not able to heal itself.  All they have to do is approximate the edges of the tissues they slice through and the body will take care of healing the cut.

If the proper nutrients are ingested, and the blood is cleansed of toxins and the circulation of this healing blood is increased to every tissue the results are amazing.  The body is constantly renewing itself.  Ninety eight percent of all cells in the body are replaced every year.  Every month a new layer of skin has been produced, the stomach lining is transformed every five days, every six weeks you have a new liver, even your skeleton is totally replaced every three months.

The bad news is, some have experienced physiologic damage to some of the tissues, organs or systems and this damage prevents new cells from being produced to replace the damaged ones.  Some have also had surgery to remove tissues or organs that are necessary to reach complete health.  These will never be able to reach optimal health because of the missing links to perfect health.  Even if optimal health cannot be reached, health can be improved dramatically

A strong vital force will address problems quickly and with a great deal of vigor.  We see this in a young child that gets an illness.  He will spike a wonderful fever which is the natural way to fight infection.  A temperature of 1030F  is the perfect temperature to make the environment hostile to virus and bacteria.  It is also the perfect temperature to increase the metabolism and activate the immune system.  He will become lethargic and go to bed.  The very best time for healing is when we are asleep.  And his appetite will decrease.  When fighting disease all energy is needed for the fight and digestion takes a lot of energy.  During an acute illness a person should eat when they feel like they want to but, should not be forced to eat.

In a short time the child recovers.  He is now stronger than before he got sick.  Not only did he fight off the infection but now he has a strong immunity to that particular disease and chances are that he will not succumb to this infection again.  He has cleared out the toxic environment that was conducive to illness so now the organs are all able to work closer to peak performance.

One sign that the Vital Force is weak is seen when adults are sick but they do not have much of a fever.  The elderly can be very ill and not have a fever at all.  It is much harder for them to fight infection and disease.  If the Vital Force is fed on a regular basis through the years, it will be a powerful mechanism to keep you healthy for a very long time.

There are two types of people that never get sick.  The one is extremely healthy and strong while the other is so weak they cannot fight disease.  The person that lives a moderate lifestyle, eats a wide variety of whole foods, has eliminated harmful toxins, exercises regularly and is spiritually and emotionally balanced will be the one that is healthy.   A person that doesn’t follow the previously mentioned practices will be the one that may be diagnosed with a serious condition just “out of the blue”.

We all have known someone that never got sick and then was suddenly diagnosed with a very serious, life threatening condition.  All those years that this person never got sick was a time that the Vital Force was so weak that it could not mount a fight to rid the body of foreign invaders or toxins.  Or every time the vital force attempted to rid the body of toxins it was suppressed.  As these toxins build up they make the body a prime target for degeneration and illness.

If you want to live a long and healthy life you must clear out toxic waste, give the body the building blocks it needs to run efficiently, feed the spirit and control stress.  Your life will be longer and you will be much more active during the twilight years.

How do you clear out toxic wastes?  When you get a cold and your nose is running, blow your nose.  You can use a netti pot or nose lavage to clean out the sinus cavities.  Do not take something to stop the nose from dripping.  Vomiting and diarrhea are ways to move toxins from the gastrointestinal system.  Care should be taken to make sure these symptoms don’t remain for a long period of time or you can become severely dehydrated.  Often an enema will clear out toxins from the intestines making the diarrhea unnecessary.  I know an enema is not fun.  They have been known to shorten a cold significantly.  There is a good reason they were used anciently to bring people back to health.  Fevers also help to cleanse the body of toxins.  The mainstream medical community tells us to suppress a fever as soon as it occurs.  Try allowing a fever to run its course and help the body to heal naturally.

Back several pages I mentioned that the Vital Force is very obedient.  This is no small matter.  If you tell the vital force often and emphatically that you will be sick you will be sick.

I had one patient that insisted she would catch any infection that her husband caught.  Every time he would get a cold she would go on immune boosters.  She tried many different very good immune boosters but none of them were able to keep her from catching the infection her husband had.  She even went on antibiotics to prevent getting sick.  As long as she was sure that she was going to get sick she did.

On the other hand one of the most powerful tools to combat serious illness is a strong positive attitude.  People that have a strong belief that they will get well have a much better chance of becoming disease free.  Love and laughter are incredible in their abilities to improve health and to prevent illness.  These attitudes seem to empower the vital force to work efficiently.

With this in mind be careful of your attitude and what you expect to happen.  You may be setting yourself up to suffer from illness that you didn’t need to contract.  You can also be setting yourself up to enjoy an abundance of health and vitality.