How to use:

  • Apply salve directly to the wound. Cover with a bandage to prevent contamination or to prevent salve from rubbing off..


  • Cuts
  • Scrapes
  • Open wounds

Other happy discoveries for its use:

Diaper Rash

My son’s baby had a terrible diaper rash. It was bleeding and the baby was distraught. Nothing they had tried was helping. He had taken her to the doctor and his ointments were not helping. I suggested he try the Grandmother’s Healing Salve. He knew it was helping because the baby stopped crying as soon as it was applied. At the next diaper change there was just a little redness on the skin.

Insect Bites or Stings

My two year old grandson was happily playing outside.  All of the sudden he started screaming.  He had found an ant hill.  Ants were crawling up his legs.  We took off his pants brushed off the ants and applied Grandmother’s Healing Salve.  He stopped crying as soon as it was applied.  The bites did not bother him again.  All swelling and redness was gone by the time he picked out a bandage to put on his hurts.

I was bitten by a bee.  By the time I got the Grandmother’s Healing Salve my hand was swollen to the point my fingers wouldn’t bend easily.  As soon as the salve was applied the stinging resolved and within five minutes the swelling was gone.

Fever Blisters

For some people when Grandmother’s Healing Salve is applied to a fever blister it resolves within that day.  For me the salve just takes away the pain.  It takes another day or two for the entire lesion to resolve.


I got shingles. As soon as it was diagnosed I applied Grandmother’s Healing Salve to the blisters then covered them with a bandage to keep the salve from rubbing off. The pain was gone quickly. There was complete healing within two days.




Larea is a plant that thrives in the desert.  It has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.  This is one of the oldest plants on earth.  It never gets sick.  The only way to kill it is to starve it for water or physically harm it like chopping it down.  This herb is chosen for its ability to prevent infection.

My husband is a handyman.  He is constantly getting cuts and scrapes.  He thinks proper first aid is to slap some duct tape over a wound.  This often resulted in infections.  Since I have been making Grandmother’s Healing Salve he keeps some with his tools.  Now he wipes salve on the wound then slaps on the duct tape.  He has not had an infected wound since using the salve.


Calendula is a pretty little flower whose petals promote the replication of cells. This causes wounds to heal much faster. This flower is chosen for its ability to speed healing.

Calendula plant

My son cut three of his fingers with a power saw.  He decided to test my claim of quicker healing.  He put Grandmother’s Healing Salve on the deepest cut.  He then used a popular anti-bacterial healing ointment found anywhere on the next deepest cut.  He did nothing to the shallowest cut.  He was surprised to find the cut with Grandmother’s Healing Salve healed almost three times as fast as the popular ointment.


Hypericum is known for its benefits to the nervous system.  Here it is used to feed the nerves and help to calm them, resulting in a reduction of pain.  It is also anti-viral and helps wounds to heal faster.  It is chosen for this formula mainly for its calming effect on the nerves which helps reduce pain.


Hammamaelis is used to help with the soreness of muscles and bruises. It also has many anti-inflammatory properties. Hammamaelis is chosen for this formula for its ability to heal and strengthen blood vessels thereby reducing bleeding and avoiding bruising.


Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil moisturizes and nourishes your skin. It is packed with antioxidants. Jojoba is chosen for this formula to feed and nourish the healthy skin around a wound.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil is a great oil to pull the medicinal constituents from the plants and herbs and carry them to the salve.  Hence the name, carrier oil.



Beeswax helps soothe and heal wounds.  It has anti-inflammatory properties.  It provides a protective barrier to harmful bacteria.  It is chosen because it is healthy for the skin and for wounds but mainly because it turns a healthy healing oil into a salve, more convenient to use and store.


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