The herbs in this oil clear away the debris causing the bruise. They attract the cells that consume the blood and debris of a bruise. They also restore the integrity of the blood vessels making it harder for anything to leak out of the vessel into the other tissue. With these actions bruises clear up faster, there is less danger of clots and with the vessels strengthened, bruises won’t form as easily.

Do not apply over open wounds. I leave this as an oil so it will spread over a large bruise easier.


This oil is effective with all kinds of bruises.  It will clear up bruises caused by thin blood, usually from the aspirin a day regimen many cardiac patients are asIngredientsked to follow. It works for bruises caused by falls or other trauma.

My husband had a hip replacement.  The day after we got him home we took off the bandages and found a huge bruise that went from the top of his hip to his knee.  It was solid black.  Frankly, it scared me.  This kind of bruise will easily throw blood clots.  I applied this bruise oil over the entire bruise.  By the second day t was mostly green and by the end of the week it had completely cleared.



Hammamaelis virginiana is used to treat many conditions of the vascular system.  It reduces inflammation and soreness.  It has the ability to break up injured blood cells, helping to clean up a bruise.

Aesculus hippocastanum increases vascular integrity in the entire circulatory system but is stronger in the venous system and has profound effects on the capillary system.  By healing and strengthening compromised vessels, blood and other fluids won’t continue to seep out of these vessels.  This reduces both the swelling and discoloration found with a bruise.


Arnica Montana is often used for bruises.  It helps to protect joints, tendons, ligaments, bones and muscles.  Think of Arnica any time you feel bruised.  It is also protective of the nerves.  Not to be used internally or over broken skin.

Lobelia inflata isn’t recognized for vascular integrity, or the cleanup of bruise debris in research literature, but I found references to a form of this herb being used for bruising in scripture, so I tried it.  It did make a great positive differnce in the effectiveness of this formula.

Ascorbyl Palmitate is a form of vitamin C.  It is used as a preservative in this formula.

Olea europaea– Olive oil is a great oil to pull the medicinal constituents from the plants and herbs and carry them to the salve.  Hence the name, carrier oil.




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