Hamamelis tree

Hammamaelis is used to treat wounds, bruises, inflammation and soreness from overexertion. Its actions target blood vessels in particular.
Hammamaelis soothes inflammation. It has antioxidants which helps to prevent widespread inflammation by neutralizing free radicals.

It is widely used to soothe skin irritation. Many persons with sensitive skin are able to use Hammamaelis to prevent redness caused by injury or irritation.

Bug bites can be treated with hammamaelis. It will take away the sting, the swelling and the redness caused by bug bites.

The pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids can be relieved with this herb. It can stop the bleeding caused by hemorrhoids. It does not cure hemorrhoids but there are other things that will. See Hemorrhoids

It will shrink your pores, soothe the skin and reduce inflammation. It fights the bacteria common with acne. Many acne over the counter products use Hammamaelis.

It protects against skin damage.

Hammamaelis is commonly used in eye drops, skin creams, and ointments. It is used to treat bruises sore muscles, and varicose veins.



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