hypericum plant

Hypericum is best known for its effects on the nervous system. It is used to help with depression, anxiety and seasonal affective disorder. Hypericum has several constituents to address this but not in high enough concentration to explain its effectiveness. (Probably the synergy of these constituents. But modern research wants to isolate constituents to explain actions. This synergy is the beauty of natural medicine) Hypericum is neuroprotective.

It helps with the healing of wounds, burns and skin inflammation. Wounds heal more quickly and have secondary infection less often. Nerve pain is reduced. (All pain is transported to the brain by nerves. So can’t we just say all pain?) The immune system is strengthened. It is anti-viral and interferes with the virus ability to inhibit immune defenses.

At night it reduces the incidents of bed wetting, especially with children. It also reduces night terrors in children.

During menopause it reduces the incident of night sweats, memory loss and anxiety.

Athletes can improve endurance by combining Hypericum with vitamin E and minerals. This works better in combination rather than taken separately.

The digestive tract benefits from the healing of ulcers and calming gastritis.

Persons with photosensitivity should avoid hypericum because it may enhance that reaction. Persons on high doses should monitor sun exposure.


Caution introducing hypericum pharmaceutical drugs for depression or anxiety. The action of hypericum is similar to the actions of these drugs. If not introduced carefully it could cause over dosing. You should work with your doctor to monitor symptoms.

Because of its ability to relax smooth muscles, do not take high doses when pregnant.


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