Lobelia is recognized by eclectic doctors as a systemic relaxant.  In the lungs it relaxes the smooth muscles from the bronchi clear to the bronchiole levels.  It increases expectoration, and reduces smooth muscle spasms.  This makes it a great choice to treat asthma, croup, Pertussis, bronchitis, pleuritic, and pneumonia.

Because it relaxes smooth muscles it also helps to reduce blood pressure.

It is used to help with smoking cessation.  Lobelia binds to the nicotinic acid receptors but is 1/20 to 1/5 as potent as nicotine.  It doesn’t appear to be addictive.

It is a muscle relaxant and can help relieve strain and tension when used topically or taken internally.  Some people have used it to help with sleep when the problem is an inability to sleep.

When taken orally there are some serious side effects including gastrointestinal problems, profuse sweating and complications with heart disease.

With all this said I use this product in my Bruise Oil.  There has been no research done on this herb for this purpose that I can find.  I had a bruise oil recipe that was good, but then I found a reference in scripture to using an herb in this family to be used for bruises.  I added lobelia to my formula and it increases the effectiveness of cleaning up and healing bruises significantly.


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