Arnica will relieve pain and inflammation in muscles and joints.  Therefore it is good for muscles that feel sore from overexertion, when movement causes muscle pain or soreness.  Anytime muscles feel bruised is a good time to use arnica.

Tension headaches will respond to arnica.  These are headaches that produces pain upon movement.

Arthritis pain responds to arnica.  Rub it into the joints.  Use it especially on joints that experience repetitive movement, like a golfer’s elbow and the wrists of those doing office work.


Arnica, with the exception of homeopathic preparations, should be used externally only.  If it is applied over broken skin it may cause the wound to start to bleed again.  Taking it by mouth will cause a variety of symptoms beginning with gut upset, slow heart rate and high blood pressure.  If dosing continues the symptoms will get worse.  Death is possible so do not take orally or put it over open wounds.


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