There is a ton of research about the benefits of olive oil.  It is known to improve cholesterol and lipid profiles.  It lowers blood sugar in diabetes.  It reduces inflammation. Is beneficial for heart disease and coronary artery disease.  It reduces blood pressure.  These are all reasons why we should all use olive oil in our diets.  I want to talk about the benefits of olive oil for our skin.  I use olive oil in most of my products as the medium to pull healthy constituents from the plant sources.

Olive oil is a moisturizer, but not only that, it is a hydrator.  Many products will moisturize but a hydrator locks in the moisture.

Olive oil is full of anti-oxidants so it slows the appearance of aging.  Regular topical use reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

It combats pain and inflammation and is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial making it a good addition to wound healing formulas.

I always use extra virgin olive oil.  This comes from the first pressing and is done cold.  This ensures all of the healthy constituents come through unharmed.  Virgin olive oil comes from the second pressing and doesn’t have as many of the wonderful constituents.  Light olive oil comes from the third pressing.  It is usually done with heat and chemicals and often other oils are mixed in.

If you have sensitive skin you may want to do a patch test before using on large areas.  Rub into a small patch of skin then watch it for two days.  If it does not turn red you are probably good to go.


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